About The Fabrics

To ensure comfort and durability we have selected only the highest quality fabrics to make up our shirts. Our shirts are made up of 90% Supima cotton and 10% Lycra. We are proud to keep our manufacturing close to home, using Supima yarn made in the USA and knitted in Canada. Learn more about how these superior fabrics separate our shirts from traditional dress shirts below.

Supima cotton (also known as the cashmere of cotton) is renowned for its exceptional endurance and resilience, setting it apart from traditional cotton. The main difference being the varying lengths of the fibres. Standard cotton fibres measure 1 inch in length, whereas those of Supima cotton measure 1.5 inches. The extra long fibres resist pulling, breaking, and tearing helping our shirts to keep their form longer. Longer fibres also result in a sumptuously soft fabric that resists pilling and allows dyes to penetrate deeper into the fabric, meaning better colour retention even after years of washing.

Lycra is the trademarked name of a class of synthetic elastic fibres known as spandex in the U.S. and elastane globally. Upon its invention Lycra was a revolutionary fibre in the swimwear industry solving the problem of garments that stretch and sag. While it is still best known for providing exceptional elasticity, it is now used in a variety of garments worldwide due to the number of additional advantages it affords, including providing lasting shape retention, freedom of movement, durability, and comfortable fit.


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