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Our Story

Due to spending most of my adult life in a corporate environment, I have had a lot of experience wearing conventional women’s dress shirts and quickly became aware of their challenges. These included gaping at the bust, shirts that easily untuck, pesky underarm stains from perspiration and restricted range of motion. Although I was uncomfortable with traditional dress shirts, I was unable to find a better alternative.

It was not until 2016 that I was inspired to design and manufacture my own line of women’s dress shirts. After a trip to New York where I was unsuccessful at replacing a beloved shirt that had been ruined by my cat Loki, I returned home attempting to have it made for me. The dressmaker I contacted encouraged me to cut and pin the pattern myself, and then custom sewed it. Creating my “first shirt”, planted a seed, which later germinated on a trip to Paris that autumn.

While in Paris I was introduced to a Parisian designer who made dress shirts in a similar ultra-luxe fabric as my own custom shirt. Although the shirts were luxuriously soft, they did not solve some of the challenges of a traditional dress shirt. Then the penny dropped, I could create the perfect dress shirt myself and share it with others!

I am now proud to share the “roz + loki” dress shirt with women who want comfort and style whether they are at the office, out for lunch with friends, or walking their dog.

Our mission

Our mission at roz + loki is to create a high-quality dress shirt that makes women feel comfortable and confident throughout the day. Our brand focus is on high quality craftsmanship built to last while addressing some of the main issues women face with button up shirts.

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