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"I feel comfortable, confident and stylish whenever I wear my roz + loki shirt. As an active stay at home mom, I love wearing my roz + loki shirt with jeans! I love the product!"
— Astrid D.

"I love my new dress shirt by roz + loki. It flatters my body, so dressy, but feels like a T-Shirt on. Extremely comfortable. It's a work to play shirt or a play to work shirt. The material is so soft on the skin, one could sleep in it. Great for traveling as it doesn't wrinkle. #roz+loki, #stylish, #comfort Can't wait to see more designs!"
— Christine R.

"I have always had a hard time finding dress shirts that are comfortable and not plain Jane. I cannot stand feeling constricted at the back of the arms and usually have to take a size up as a result so I can move freely but then it’s too baggy everywhere else. The stretch material in the roz + loki shirts has totally fixed this problem for me. Not only is the design of the shirt amazing, but it’s also the most comfortable shirt I own! The shirts are soooo pretty and so comfortable, a winning brand in my eyes."
— Danielle P.

"I've been wearing my roz + loki shirt all summer because I can take it out of my weekend bag and it's ready to wear. And the detail I chose for my shirt pops with so many accessories too. I love it!"
— Diane D.

"The fit across the bust with the button closure is perfect. I get a good, comfortable fit with no pull between the button holes. With my narrow back and larger bust, this is especially important!"
— Dianne M.

"I’ve been wearing my roz + loki shirt for a month now and I've already had so many compliments! It fits just perfectly and is extremely comfortable."
— Ella D.

"I love my roz + loki shirt because it is so versatile! Looks just as great with my jeans on the weekend as it does at the office."
— Emma B.

I’m tall and have always had a problem with dress shirts that are too short. I love my roz + koki shirt; it’s long enough for me, it’s extremely comfortable and very chic. The beautiful cuff and placket fabric make this shirt unique and very chic. I want more!"
— Genevieve D.

"Love my roz + loki dress shirt! The material is so soft and the different fun patterns make the shirt fashion forward and an easy way to dress up my favourite jeans and leather jacket."
— Jacqueline T.

"I love how soft the fabric in the body of the shirt is! It makes the shirt drape so softly. And the 2 piece construction of the back means the curve of my waist shows at the back without it being clingy. It looks great (fresh, not wrinkled) after wearing it for a whole day also"
— Janet G.

"I love, love, love my roz + loki shirt. For work I need to dress with style, however I do not like to compromise comfort. Finally, a shirt that achieves both. It is super comfortable and very stylish. And it fits like a glove!"
— Julie C.

"I want 5 more of these blouses in every colour! The elegant touches... The square buttons; the cuffs and collar; the tailored fit.....all perfect. BUT THE COMFORT IS INSANE! BEST SHIRT EVER!"
— Mary B.

"I love this shirt! I wore it as an audience member at City Line today and then to TIFF and later to dinner. Somewhere along the way, I got a stain on it and it came right out with some Tide-To-Go! It's super comfortable and can be worn anywhere."
— Michale B.

"I love my new roz + loki blouse! It fits like a glove and is so comfortable. I look dressed up but I feel as comfortable as if I were wearing a T-shirt. I just love it!"
— Sarah B.

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